Wedding Day


A few question about your wedding. First of all, thank you! For the time you have dedicated to complete the questionnaire. Your answers help us to put together a calendar for the day of your wedding. In this way we can use the time more efficiently in order to get the photos you want and leave enough time to enjoy the day and your guests.

If you don't hear back from me in 24 hours, shoot me an email at:

Bride *
Bride Phone Number *
Bride Phone Number
Groom *
Groom Phone Number *
Groom Phone Number
Event Date *
Event Date
Location address *
Location address
- (yes/no - time?) - We suggest 3 hours before cerimony!
Groom Apt, suite, etc. *
Groom Apt, suite, etc.
- (yes/no - time?) - We suggest 2 hours before cerimony!
Bride Apt, suite, etc. *
Bride Apt, suite, etc.
Ceremony Location *
Ceremony Location
Start of Ceremony *
Start of Ceremony
End Ceremony *
End Ceremony
Start of Lunch/Dinner *
Start of Lunch/Dinner
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End Lunch/Dinner
Family Group Photos
What kind of family group photos do you want? I suggest the following. Both of you with bridal party (bridesmaids and ushers). These groups should take about 30 minutes. Any additional group will take about 5 minutes longer. I suggest doing these pretty much right after the ceremony.
Last thing *
During the day of your wedding, we would be more careful about everything going on around you and your guests. We will always be on the move to capture most of the details and emotions, We need to eat and drink, not a full meal, but just something to keep from falling in front of the cake at the end of the evening 🙂 We ask you to include us in the dining room staff. If this is not provided we ask you to inform us in advance. You can extend the hours of work, they will be calculated at a price of 150,00 € for each extra hour (For example, if you decide to do unexpected things in advance on the contract). For couples who have to pay the balance, please do so at the beginning of our meeting, speaking directly to us. Grazie mille!